SMART-C launches institutional GitHub organisation

SMART-C has recently launched its own GitHub organisation. This organisation will serve as a platform for code repositories that promote open access principles and scientific collaboration in clinical trials research. The aim of this initiative is to enhance transparency, reproducibility, and streamline analyses led by the Consortium.

GitHub, a widely recognised platform used predominantly by software developers, statisticians, and data scientists, provides an accessible environment for version control, code management, and project collaboration.

The first repository on SMART-C’s GitHub organisation focuses on the implementation and standardisation of complex analyses for the modelling of GFR slope in SGLT2 inhibitor trials. The code in this repository is accompanied by synthetic data, ensuring ease of use and full reproducibility for verification, validation, and peer review.

All repositories hosted on SMART-C’s GitHub will be publicly accessible to researchers, not limited to Consortium members. This approach ensures the dissemination of techniques and findings to the wider scientific community.

Explore the SMART-C GitHub organisation click here.